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February 26th and 27th


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Why should you work with Megastar Advisors?

Megastar has redefined the way advisors are supported and trained. When we say we’re here for you, we mean we’re just a phone call away. When we talk about one-on-one training, we mean rolling up our sleeves and working with you, face to face.  

This is the Megastar Difference.

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What is the big difference between Megastar Advisors and other IMOs? It’s simple, really. We are in this with you.
Megastar was founded by producers who do what you do, every day. And we don’t think it’s fair to have you spend time and money on marketing systems or ideas before we’ve fully tested them in our own financial services office. Our success is proven. When we consider our Megastar founders rank in the nation’s top 1% of producers, that’s a track record few IMO’s can claim.
And there’s another big difference – we provide you with dynamic, ongoing support every step of the way by our trainers and mentors.

Leveraging Social Security

David Conner

Tax Model

Irini Barlas

Federal Edge

Brian Benham


Carolee Dasher

Federal Edge

Brad Pate

Premiere Tax

Stephen Way